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Vibal ESP
21st Century Education
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Twenty-first century education breaks the mold. It is flexible, creative, and complex. In this rapidly changing world filled with exciting new challenges and possibilities, 21st century learners need 21st century teachers. The use of tools is primordial to facilitate learning.


The 21st century teacher must utilize the different ways to learn from the latest digital and mobile technologies attuned with the learners' skills and competencies as well as learning styles.


Moreover, the 21st century teacher works toward a dynamic exchange in the classroom, thereby inducing the learners to reach optimum success in school and in life.


Now more than ever, the need for an educational system that is adaptive of the current techonological milieu should be prioritized. Curriculum and classroom move toward the same goal, an enhanced learning atmosphere for globally competitive educands.

21st century education

Ensuring a sustainable educational program that is both reflective of the times and in touch with the sensibilities of the modern learner can be an alternate route.


As your partner in realizing 21st century education, Vibal Publishing House, Inc., provides opportunities to enrich your skills through the Educational Service Program.


The portal on 21st century education helps teachers to enwrap and engross the 21st century learners on true scholarship. Here, teachers will find resources and access to the 21st century tools as part of their toolkit.


* Mrs. Ninia I. Calaca is the E-Learning Consultant of Vibal Publishing House, Inc. She is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Santo Tomas. She had previously served as director of UST's Educational Technology Center.