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Vibal ESP
21st Century Education
K-12 Program
UbD Framework
List of Speakers

This portal is meant to help teachers, administrators, and educators in general understand and implement Understanding by Design (UbD), an instructional design framework that emphasizes teaching for understanding, and not for content-absorption. Here you will find a repository of materials and a gateway to online resources about UbD.




Given the demands of 21st century learning and teaching, what individuals need now are the skills to make sense out of everything they learn. UbD aids in this goal by identifying the few essential understandings and deepening these understandings in the course of instruction. Education is thus made more relevant, engaging, and effective.


Coupled with the thrust to make education more engaging and students more competitive in the 21st century, Vibal Publishing also espouses the integration of ICT in instruction. With the dual force of UbD and ICT in teaching, educators can more easily prepare their students for an increasingly globalized world.