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Our World of MAPEH I-IV


Hazel O. Copiaco
Alvenie P. Palu-ay
Agripino G. Darilag
Victoria L. Carbonell


About the Book

Our World of MAPEH series is aligned with the Department of Education's  latest curriculum. The series aims to foster the learners' appreciation of the arts, improve their creativity and thinking skills, and help them become healthy and productive citizens.

Each textbook in the series is bundled with an audio CD for a more enriching study of Music, P.E., and Health!

Book Features

  • Utilizes the following teaching approaches: culture-based, discipline-based, brain-based, multiple intelligences-based; and integrated with the Kodaly Approach for music
  • Comes with lessons featuring real-life experiences and situations appropriate to the learners
  • Provides interactive activities that facilitate the teaching and learning process through performances, projects, or execution of skills
  • Cuts across the curriculum for a holistic development
  • Ensures the proper development of the skills of the pupils from one level to another (spiral approach)
  • Features weblinks that allow learners to explore the Vibal site and to engage in lesson-related interactive games, lectures, and music

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