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When the students of Veritas Parochial School (VPS) returned to school this year, they were greeted by a big, bold sign at the gate: “You are now entering the Chrome Zone, proceed with wonder and excitement.”
McGraw-Hill Education and Vibal recently conducted teacher training for users of My Math and Our Math with the theme: “Prepare... Engage... Assess: Getting to the heart of teaching the My Math and Our Math way” at the V-Tech Tower, attended by some 200 participants from all over the Philippines.
Dr. Lourdes Montinola, Chair Emeritus of Far Eastern University (FEU), recently led a contingent in an executive briefing and plant tour of the Vibal Group main office in Quezon City. 
Evolution, engagement, convergence, mobility, hyper-connectivity – these, among other concepts emerging at the forefront of the media business will be addressed by key stakeholders and personalities at the 1st Future of Media.
A caterpillar wraps itself in a cocoon, undergoing various stages until it eventually emerges into the best version of itself.
For book lovers, nothing beats the thrill of reading an actual printed book.  Digital natives may be easily distracted by their mobile devices and their e-books and games, but there is always a novelty in flipping through each page of a printed book and conjuring vivid images from one's colorful imagination.
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