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A strategy game where a player assigns white blood cells to defend the body from intruders, an adventure with an adorable alien discovering different land forms, and a challenge to maneuver spaceships to solve algebraic equations—these were just some of the exciting apps created by young Filipino students from the country’s top schools, colleges, and universities during a “hackathon” event held recently.  
When the students of Veritas Parochial School (VPS) returned to school this year, they were greeted by a big, bold sign at the gate: “You are now entering the Chrome Zone, proceed with wonder and excitement.”
McGraw-Hill Education and Vibal recently conducted teacher training for users of My Math and Our Math with the theme: “Prepare... Engage... Assess: Getting to the heart of teaching the My Math and Our Math way” at the V-Tech Tower, attended by some 200 participants from all over the Philippines.
Dr. Lourdes Montinola, Chair Emeritus of Far Eastern University (FEU), recently led a contingent in an executive briefing and plant tour of the Vibal Group main office in Quezon City. 
Evolution, engagement, convergence, mobility, hyper-connectivity – these, among other concepts emerging at the forefront of the media business will be addressed by key stakeholders and personalities at the 1st Future of Media.
A caterpillar wraps itself in a cocoon, undergoing various stages until it eventually emerges into the best version of itself.
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