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Services Better print quality, faster turnaround, and increased capacity

Printing Services
Prepress Production
Post Press Production

Vibal Publishing House, Inc.'s industry-leading portfolio of high-end machineries and production facilities make it one of the most trusted and advanced printing companies in the country. Its evolution from churning out print-only deliverables to integrating the latest digital innovations in the production process underscores the company's commitment to excellence in publishing.


VPHI has a commercial printing division that serves as one-stop shop for printing jobs like newsletters, personalized notebooks, annuals or trade books. Its graphics and prepress section, post-press section, UV coating section, press section, and digital printing section feature some of the latest and most advanced printing equipment in the country today.

Prepress Production
VPHI uses the latest Macintosh computers with the appropriate desktop publishing software including Color Management System (CMS) to ensure color quality. As the prepress stage is crucial to printing output, the company collaborates with its clients through proofreading, editing, layout, scanning, and color separation.
The shift to an all-digital pre-press workflow necessitated the installation of Macintosh workstations for color correction and pagination.
Press Production
With its latest Goss Magnum four-color press, VPHI has doubled its daily book production output capacity. The new press performs at 35,000 cylinders per hour (CPHI), increasing the company's printing output from 800,000 to 1.2 million signatures or 240,000 copies per day. VPHI is the first in the Philippines to acquire this model.
Cromoman 45 is a four-unit web offset that can produce 35,000 impressions per hour.

The VPHI plant also boasts of the Cromoman 45 and Heidelberg Speedmaster printing machines that make the company capable of producing printing orders way beyond its own requirements. Cromoman 45 is a four-unit web offset that can produce 35,000 impressions per hour. Speedmaster, on the other hand, can produce 10,000 full-color impressions per hour.
Recently, VPHI invested on a Computer to Plate (CTP) printer. This technology enables the company to produce outputs with improved print quality, faster turnaround, and increased capacity.
VPHI's latest press equipment is an HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press, which features an array of capabilities including in-line connection to UV coating, an additional 3-drawer feeder and support for thicker substrates, enabling broader application coverage, greater operational efficiencies, and lower total cost of ownership. This newest acquisition is complementary to Vibal's entry into the print-on-demand (POD) market as an effective cost optimization strategy in light of the fast-growing popularity of e-books.
Post Press Production
VPHI's binding and finishing facilities enable the company to fast-track completion of printing jobs. It has enabled its own Kolbus Perfect Binding Line 2009 Model with automatic in-line finishing machine, the first of its kind to become operational in the country. The Kolbus can gather, bind, and trim 7,000 copies per hour.
The first of its kind to become operational in the country, Vibal's Kolbus Kolbus Perfect Binding Line 2009 Model can gather, bind, and trim 7,000 copies per hour.

The professional staff of VPHI – from its pre-press, printing and finishing line – treat all commercial printing jobs as that of the company’s, which is why many institutions rely on Vibal for their major printing requirements.  
For inquiries on how VPHI can help you with your institution's printing needs, please call our commercial printing division at 712-9156 to 59 local 349.