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Chikiting Books

Instill the love of reading with Chikiting Books!

The quiet life of the T’boli tribe in the uplands is in danger. Ten-year-old Malaya  discovers in a strange dream a clue to solve this problem. Armed only with her courage and a flute that she plays so well, will the tribe chief allow her the chance to help?

Instill the Love of Reading with Chikiting Books!

Amansinaya: Ang Diwata Ng Dagat talks about the legend of a young woman who has inspired fishermen to celebrate the new year by offering their first catch to the sea.

Instill the love of reading with Chikiting Books!

This is a simple story reflecting a child’s love for his family. It includes poems for each member of his family including his pet cat.

Instill the love of reading with Chikiting Books!

The blue wooden cart brings luck to two brothers. It becomes their boat when the streets flood. They sometimes hop on it and, like a car, it takes them down the rugged road. The blue cart sometimes feel rickety but they worry not because the brothers know that the blue wooden cart will stay strong for them.

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