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Grade school

A collection fo Filipino songs for children with high quality video accompaniment tracks!

A-BA-KA-DA Mga Awiting Pambata Videoke Karaoke is a collection of 27 Filipino songs with high-quality video tracks.

Brace children for Educational TV at its finest!

Sineskwela is an award-winning science TV program that uses dramatization, visuals and animation in teaching and discussing science, health and technology concepts and issues to Filipino students. Sineskwela is now available in DVD format for classroom use.

Bundled with interactive CD-ROM and provided with online book support sites!

Across Borders through Language, Second Edition develops learners' communicative competence by focusing on the language macro-skills.

Across Borders through Reading (ABRE) 1-6, K-12 Edition is designed to foster love for reading while developing skills that help learners understand the subject matter across the curriculum.

The series provides reading selections and activities that deal with various topics which aim to help learners increase knowledge, develop creativity, and sharpen senses that enrich their lives.

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