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RVM Recollection Modules 1-7

About the Book

For a meaningful recollection experience!

The RVM Recollection Module Series aims to help the students actively participate and better reflect on the activities for the fulfillment of a meaningful recollection experience. It is made up of seven themes that mirror relevant topics the students encounter in their daily lives. With the participation of both facilitator and student, the featured exercises and topics contribute to the fulfillment of a meaningful recollection experience.


Book Features

  • Each module features a unique theme for reflection
  • Every module is divided into sessions to facilitate a step-by-step process in the recollection activity
  • Activities, Spiritual Readings and other sections engage the students to actively participate towards the completion of the recollection experience
  • Objectives are set out early on to identify what the student will get out of that particular recollection

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