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Exploring and Protecting Our World (Modular Approach) 1-6


Lilia M. Rabago, PhD

Editor / Consultant

About the Book

Develops learners' higher order thinking skills through practical exercises!

Each Exploring and Protecting Our World worktext of the Vibal Science, Health and Environment (SHE) Series takes pride in its use of the modern, learner-centered modular approach in teaching science. In this approach, main topics in each chapter are broken down into smaller subtopics for easy development and to ensure mastery. Each lesson or module is a complete learning material - with its own topic development, follow-up questions, sets of exercises and activities, trivias and tests.

With science at its core, the SHE Series emphasizes the fundamental role of health in ensuring the survival of the society, the importance of increased environmental awareness in sustaining the quality of life, and the contributions of technology to the country`s economic development.

Book Features

  • Introduces learners to the different science process skills
  • Helps learners identify the concepts developed through Main Idea
  • Provides prompt learning assessments through “Answer These” and “Self-Check,” the answers to which can be found in “Answers to Questions” and “Answers to Self-Check Questions” respectively
  • Provides classroom activities through “Do This” in Grades 1-4 and non-classroom work through “Task” in Grades 5-6
  • Enriches learners' knowledge of science and health through the “Did You Know?” portion
  • Impresses on the learners the significance of technology through a relevant “Technological Feature” in each chapter of Grades 5-6
  • Facilitates reviewing through a list of concepts in “Remember These,” “Key Concepts,” and “Summary”
  • Checks learners' mastery of lessons taken up in each chapter through “Quiz Time” and “Review”
  • Develops in learners an environment-friendly attitude through the “From Your Friendly Environment Officer” portion in Grades 5-6

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