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Develops learners' higher order thinking skills through practical exercises!

Each Exploring and Protecting Our World worktext of the Vibal Science, Health and Environment (SHE) Series takes pride in its use of the modern, learner-centered modular approach in teaching science. In this approach, main topics in each chapter are broken down into smaller subtopics for easy development and to ensure mastery. Each lesson or module is a complete learning material - with its own topic development, follow-up questions, sets of exercises and activities, trivias and tests.

The book covers much-needed information for geodetic engineers, educators, and students. It contains current laws and DENR Administrative Orders of great significance to the practice of geodetic engineering in the country.

Additionally, intriguing questions are posted at the end of each topic, and are answered to illustrate applications of some pertinent provisions of the law or administrative orders.

1-6 Do-it-yourself guide for doing basic science projects!

Kaya Mo Yan, Bata! is a do-it-yourself guide for doing basic science projects. It is an illustrated instructional book in making practical projects based on science principles. Written in conversational Filipino, this interesting guidebook features the characters Biboy, Bea and Tagpi as they learn, discover and enjoy science.

Covers all the major areas of genetics!

This laboratory manual covers all the major areas of genetics. The featured exercises illustrate some of the most fundamental principles upon which the study of genetics is based and its problem sets are designed to expose students to data analysis and critical thinking. The manual is a perfect supplement to Lecture Notes on Modern Genetics.

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