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Kamalayan, Kabihasnan at Kaunlaran (KKK) I - IV

About the Book

Instills a glocal mentality, promotes Philippine nationalism, and fosters an appreciation of Asia and the world!

The Kamalayan, Kabihasnan, at Kaunlaran series is a solid and up-to-date secondary social studies program that adheres to the enhanced refined learning competencies prescribed by the Department of Education.

The series empowers students through a more involved learning experience in the study of Philippine, Asian and World History, and Economics instead of the mere learning of dry facts and figures.

The books in the series invite the students to analyze and synthesize information, form their values, share their insights, and take action.

This series highlights the ACES (Activity-Analysis-Abstraction-Application paradigm, thus simulating higher-order thinking skills among students.

The series assumes the perspective/stand that the competencies demand—that is, using a nationalist’s perspective for the Philippine history, an Asian perspective for the Asian history and a global (not Eurocentric) perspective for world history.

Book Titles:

  • Year I: Kabihasnang Pilipino: Kasaysayan at Pamahalaan
  • Year II: Kabihasnang Asyano: Kasaysayan at Kultura
  • Year III: Kabihasnang Daigdig: Kasaysayan at Kultura
  • Year IV: Ekonomiks: Konsepto, Aplikasyon, at mga Isyu


Book Features

  • Avoids confusion resulting from literal translations by using proper names instead of their Filipino translations
  • Insures experiential learning by anchoring the teacher`s manual on the ACES (Activities, Analysis, Abstraction, and Application) teaching approach and using such strategies as Inquiry Model, Decision-Making Model, Social Analysis, Values Clarification, Moral Discussion, and Moral Reasoning
  • Builds up students' higher order thinking skills (HOTS)
  • Assumes the stand that the competencies demand, i.e., Philippine history from a nationalist's viewpoint, Asian history from an Asian perspective, and world history from a global (not Eurocentric) perspective

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