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Kultura, Kasaysayan at Kabuhayan (KKK) 1-6, Updated Edition

About the Book

Kultura, Kasaysayan at Kabuhayan 1-6, Updated Edition deepens pupils' awareness and appreciation of the Philippines' rich geography, history, and culture, and consequently instills pride in their national identity as Filipinos.

The series contains up-to-date and thorough discussios on civics and culture as it is based on the enhanced refined learning competencies set by the Department of Education and is aligned with the BEC's Makabayan curriculum.

It uses a variety of teaching strategies and techniques including the ACES teaching approach or the Activity-Analysis-Abstraction-Application (4A's) paradigm. The series impresses on the pupils their role as responsible members of their family, school, and community.

Grace Estelita C. Mateo, Ph.D.


Book Features

  • Makes pupils proud of being Filipinos
  • Deepens awareness and appreciation of history, culture, geography, and livelihood
  • Familiarizes pupils with their rights and duties as Filipinos
  • Champions the beauty of the Philippines, its rich natural resources, and its distinct cultural heritage
  • Empowers pupils to become active players of positive change in the country and encourages them to take part in civic activities
  • Endows pupils with higher order thinking skills (HOTS) through exercises requiring analysis
  • Acquaints pupils with the important concepts associated with the state and the government and stresses the Philippines' sovereignty as a state
  • Develops skills in communication and competencies in the subjects covered in Makabayan

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