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We Celebrate God's Love 1-6, Third Edition


Pilar I. Romero, Ph.D., Fr. Mateo de Jesus


About the Book

We Celebrate God's Love series teaches pupils about Catholicism. The lessons help pupils acquire knowledge about the Word of God (Bible) and have them integrate the Gospel values in their lives.

The books in the series contain supplementary lessons on Saints, Mary, Catholic Heritage, Life Events of Jesus, Called to Renewals, and Community of Disciples.

Book titles:

Grade 1 - God Makes Himself Known to Us

Grade 2 - God Saves Us

Grade 3 - God Welcomes Us

Grade 4 - God Invites Us to Love

Grade 5 - God Renews Us

Grade 6 - God Makes Us His People

The best-selling Christian Living education series now comes with an interactive CD-ROM for a more engaging learning and celebration of God's love.

Book Features

  • Provides systematic, integrated, and well-designed lessons on the catechetical processes
  • Offers a variety of exciting exercises and suggested activities based on the common interests and experiences of children
  • Combines Worship, Doctrine, Moral, and Liturgy in one package as advocated by the National Catechetical Directory of the Philippines (NCDP)
  • Teaches children to follow the ways of Jesus through prayer
  • Educates learners on the rich history and tradition of Catholicism

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