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Values Education

Integrates other subject areas such as HEKASI, Filipino, and music!

Growing up with Good Manners 1-6 instills in young Filipinos positive traits and values. Each book in the series contains beautiful stories, poems, and songs that guarantee an interesting and enriching GMRC learning experience to further cultivate the good traits pupils already possess.

Promotes social responsibility, positive values, and traits!

Growing Up with Good Manners instills and reinforces in young Filipinos positive values and traits. Each book in this series contains interesting poems, songs, and stories that provide for an appealing and enriching GMRC education.

Cultivates the habit of analyzing situations before making decisions!

Magandang Asal, Magandang Buhay (Serye ng Kagandahang Asal) teaches students such values as respect, concern, fairness, responsibility, and industriousness. It molds them into becoming God-loving and nationalistic Filipinos.

Highlights ideal values and attitudes!

Serye ng Kagandahang Asal: Magandang Asal, Magandang Buhay series introduces the fundamental character-forming principles to guide children in their actions at home, in school, and in the community. It molds them into respectful, just, nationalistic, and God-loving young citizens.

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